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Things Aren’t Going So Well for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett

blog-kenhankI hate when I read or hear about celebrity couples that aren’t doing so well. I especially can’t stand when it’s a couple that had a reality TV show that I watched on TV (Nick and Jessica, Khloe and Lamar, and now Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett).

It’s been reported for quite awhile that Kendra and Hank aren’t doing so well. She also hasn’t been wearing a wedding ring lately and it was reported that she visited a lawyer for advice on divorce.

However, the couple is still living together, and reportedly still filming the We TV show “Kendra on Top”.

The two have two children together. Hopefully they can reconcile, settle their differences and come out stronger than ever! Thinking of you, Kendra and Hank!

Avril Lavigne Gets a Pretty Awesome Anniversary Gift!

blog-avrilAvril Lavigne is making girls jealous everywhere. Last year, she tied the knot with Chad Kroeger (Nickelback frontman) and received a ring that was a whopping 14 carats. It was a gorgeous pear-shaped ring.

Now the couple is celebrating their one year anniversary (congratulations, you too!). You’ll never believe what Avril’s anniversary gift is: an even bigger ring that is 17 carats! Can you believe it?

This is a classic emerald cut ring that could range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions (depending on the clarity and color).

I love this ring and I am so happy for these two (although a little jealous of the bling!!)

Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Decide to Call of Their Engagement

blog-engagementMichael Strahan, a retired professional football player (and current Good Morning America co-host), and Nicole Murphy, VH1 Star and model, have decided to call of their engagement. The two started dating back in 2007 and have nine children between the two of them. Previous relationships for them included a former marriage between Nicole to Eddie Murphy and Strahan to Jean Muggli.

Michael and Nicole have been engaged since 2009 and have kept pretty quiet about their personal lives and relationship.

In a recent interview with Michael Strahan, he stated, “It’s great. As a divorced man, you just want somebody around your kids who’s respectful and will treat them like her own. When you understand that, there’s never any issue. We laugh and are at graduations and birthday parties, you know…all that stuff.” He added, “I love the kids and the family. For us, it’s key that we maintain normalcy. We have a great life. People can buy into their own celebrity, and that’s a dangerous thing.”

Did You Tune Into The Bachelorette Season Finale?

blog-thebachWarning: DO NOT keep reading if you haven’t had a chance to watch The Bachelorette Season Finale yet and you are wanting to!

The Bachelorette is one of my favorite shows, ever. Well, that and The Bachelor. I have been waiting for the season finale for what seems like forever.

Well, tonight finally arrived and Andi made her decision! Before the episode ended, she ended up going into Nick’s hotel room, saying that things just don’t feel right. The episode ended with Andi and Josh getting engaged. I could not be happier for the two of them and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

It was pretty clear on Twitter that most people are on Team Josh. Is is sad that I almost wrote this out like this: #teamjosh, because I, too, was on Twitter for the entire episode?!

Beyonce Hints at Her Involvement in Fifty Shades of Grey

blog-greyHave you read the book “Fifty Shades of Grey“. Well, even if you haven’t, I’m sure that you’ve heard about it and know that there is a movie coming out based on the book. I can’t say that I have read the book, but based on what I’ve heard about it, I’m quite curious as to what this movie is going to be like and what it’s going to be rated!

There is an official trailer for the movie being released to the public this monring on the Today Show. On Saturday, Beyonce released a quick video on Instagram where there were a few sexy images shown with her song “Crazy in Love” playing slowly in the background. Is this a hint that she will have more involvement in the movie? Or will her songs be featured on the Soundtrack?