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Celeb-Worth Designer Baby Bedding

Naartjie-Moonrise Floral Collection BeddingWith all of the celebrities that are expecting, it seems as if all of Hollywood is buzzing about relationships and babies. It’s an exciting time for many as they prepare to welcome their first (or maybe second, third, or fourth!) baby into the world.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the first things you do is decorate the nursery, right? There are so many options for decorating that it seems endless! I would choose the bedding and decorate the room around that. I personally love this designer baby bedding (it’s very chic and celeb-worthy). What do you think?

Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

blog-christmasChristina Aguilera will always be one of my favorite pop stars (Sorry, Britney Spears!). I was super happy when I found out that she and her fiance, Matthew Rutler, were expecting a baby together.

Well, the day has finally arrived and Christina gave birth just yesterday to a baby girl. This is Christina’s second child (she had her first, 6-year old boy Max Bratman, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman).

Christina and Matthew are super excited to welcome their baby girl into the world. They had a blast getting ready for the arrival of the baby, and Max was very excited to be a big brother.


David Arquette Dishes on His Divorce

blog-coxarquetteWell, it seems like right now in Hollywood is the season for relationship troubles. This is unfortunate, but I feel like everything I’m hearing or seeing has to do with divorce, break ups, and the like.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette were perhaps my favorite Hollywood couple. My favorite show in the entire world is Friends and I’ve been a Courtney Cox fan since season one back in the nineties.

The two have been apart for quite some time, and are both engaged to new people. David dishes that they two make awesome friends and they have a great relationship for their daughter.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Are Expecting a Baby!

blog-evaRyan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been together since September of 2011. They are one of my favorite Hollywood couple and I love it when I hear great news about them.

The latest and greatest news that I’ve heard about them is the rumor that’s been flying around Hollywood and that is that Eva and Ryan are expecting their first child together! I could not be more excited for for them. I really hope that this rumor is true (and a source close to the couple says that this is, in fact, true). Eva would be about 7 months along in her pregnancy.

The star has been off of the radar for about 3 months, which would explain the lack of baby bump photos if she is pregnant. This is a couple that is super-private to begin with. They prefer to keep their private life exactly that–private!

I really hope that this rumor is true, and I wish nothing but the best for them if it is!

Baby Bump Watch: Is Zoe Saldana Pregnant?

blog-ZSI love it when celebrities have children. I tend to get more excited about a celebrity pregnancy than I do a celebrity wedding. I am always looking online to see the latest rumors when it comes to baby bumps. It seems like celebrities show a bump before they come out with the actual news of the pregnancy (unless of course you’re a Kardashian–then you’re pregnancy gets announced on your reality show!)

The latest rumor regarding a baby bump is Zoe Seldana. These pictures show that she may be expecting! Zoe is married to Marco Perego, and the couple tied the knot about a year ago in an extremely secretive ceremony last June. The couple has been inseparable lately and I’m hoping that this rumor is true!