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Celeb-Worth Designer Baby Bedding

Naartjie-Moonrise Floral Collection BeddingWith all of the celebrities that are expecting, it seems as if all of Hollywood is buzzing about relationships and babies. It’s an exciting time for many as they prepare to welcome their first (or maybe second, third, or fourth!) baby into the world.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the first things you do is decorate the nursery, right? There are so many options for decorating that it seems endless! I would choose the bedding and decorate the room around that. I personally love this designer baby bedding (it’s very chic and celeb-worthy). What do you think?

Is Christina Aguilera Having a Boy or a Girl?

blog-xtinaI’m super excited for Christina Aguilera and her fiance Matt Rutler. They are expecting a baby and came out with the news last month, about a week after she posted on Twitter that she was tying the knot with Matt–he proposed on Valentine’s Day!

Well now we know what they’re having! It’s been reported that they are expecting a baby girl!

If you think pregnancy is slowing the pop singer down, then think again! She tweeted a photo yesterday that as taken in Malaysia while she did an impromptu concert for fans.

Kim Kardashion Goes Gaga For Custom Jewelry Designer

Kim Kardashian has been criticized by tabloids for her outrageously tight wear during her pregnancy. She lashed back saying that she wasn’t going to wear maternity wear and is “happier when wearing heels”. I say, let her be. If she wants to strut around in tight fitting leather that is unflattering on any woman than be my guest. I don’t see how wearing slimming fits and high heels is comfortable at any time in life, let alone during pregnancy, but it is so Kim.

Kim can always been seen shopping but lately she has been loving custom jewelery designer Lorraine Schwartz, who also blinged out her wedding day jewels, which were worth close to $15 million dollars! Lorraine has been known for designed jewelry for the stars some of which include: Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Blake Lively and of course Kim Kardashian (just to name a few). Loraine’s designs can be found on many elite socialites and have decadent diamonds usually dripping over all of her pieces. Interested? Check more out here.


A rare glimpse

To the people who follow celebrity news like like I do we got a special treat  on tuesday. You ask what was that special treat ? Well we got to see a glimpse of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Twins Vivienne and Knox. Below is a picture of the cute couple and their twins taking a water taxi in Venice.

 It is rare that we get to see the twins since they dont accompany the parents like the other children do. For me everytime I see the babies it puts a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do. As for the rumors that the couple were  splitting up it sure doesnt look like it to me . They look perfectly happy.

Angelina & Brad Losing Their Shine

It seems like lately that Brad and Angelina aren’t as well-liked as they used to be.  For instance, a lot of people have been uber-critical of Brad’s face fur and how Angelina has looked lately.  Is that really THAT important?  With all the young kids they have to take care of, plus acting and their humanitarian work, maybe Brad doesn’t have time to shave (or maybe because he’s so tan, he CAN’T shave now because he’d have a really horrid tan line where the face fur used to be).  Perhaps Angelina doesn’t have time to find blood to fill a vial to wear around her neck. 

TMZ has a post today about Angelina setting a good example for her oldest, Maddox, by buying him a dart gun.  It was a bit misleading because they didn’t say plastic toy but “dart gun” – like he’s going off to target shoot on innocent beings or something – but the picture at TMZ clearly shows rubber and plastic darts.  Every other kid has owned at least one set of these.  Maybe sales for plastic dart guns will rise and save the economy!  Probably not.