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David Arquette Dishes on His Divorce

blog-coxarquetteWell, it seems like right now in Hollywood is the season for relationship troubles. This is unfortunate, but I feel like everything I’m hearing or seeing has to do with divorce, break ups, and the like.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette were perhaps my favorite Hollywood couple. My favorite show in the entire world is Friends and I’ve been a Courtney Cox fan since season one back in the nineties.

The two have been apart for quite some time, and are both engaged to new people. David dishes that they two make awesome friends and they have a great relationship for their daughter.

24 star Annie Wersching is goingto be a mom

People.com tells us that 24 star Annie Wersching and her actor/comedian husband Stephen Full are expecting their first child, they told  PEOPLE exclusively. The couple is “ecstatic,” says Wersching, who plays Renee Walker opposite Kiefer Sutherland on the show.

“Feeling great” during her pregnancy, Wersching, 32, notes that she’s “craving mint chocolate chip ice cream!”

The couple had gotten  married at their Los Angeles home in September 2009.  I am sure that Annie will have a blast going to her baby shower and picking her baby shower favors. It’s always an exciting time for first time parents. I think its exciting to buy the baby clothes and have the baby shower and just have a baby.

Jenna Elfman becomes a mommy for the second time

Jenna Elfman gave birth to her 2nd son Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman, at 7:53 a.m. Tuesday in Los Angeles, Jenna announced on Twitter Friday. 
According to people.com Jenna, 38, admited  that the pregnancy was planned around her show’s shooting schedule.

“It was like an afterthought perk. I thought, ‘Well, if the show gets picked up that could be cool. I can have my next kid and I won’t have to hide it.’ You know, I’m not in my early twenties so I got to get busy.”  Its a good thing  that she gave birth so just before her Accidentally on Purpose character Billie is due to give birth to her own child.  I wonder if she had a baby shower and gave out any baby shower favors ? My favorite thing to read about is the cool party favors celebrities give out at their parties.

Anytime now for Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg

Mark Walhberg and Rhea Durham are ready to welcome their baby girl any day now. This baby girl their expecting will make baby number four for the couple. They have a daughter Ella rae 6, and sons Michael 31/2 years old and Brendan Joseph 15 months old.

Mark has made it no secret that he loves kids and he comes from a big family. Will this be the last children they have ? According to Mark its up to his wife how many children they have.

 I wonder what kind of baby shower favors they gave to friends for her baby shower ? Rhea seems like she would have a nice and low key baby shower . I wonder if they will share pictures from their baby shower ?