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Waxing in Huntington Beach Gets Your Legs Red Carpet Ready

blog-red carpetI’ve had my fair share of razor incidences in the shower and bathtub. Shaving my legs is totally not as smooth and flawless looking as they make it look on those commercials for Venus. If shaving were that easy, I would do it every day and my legs would be silky and smooth and ready for just about any outfit I throw on. Instead, I end up with razor burn, knicks, and spots of missed hair…ewww!

I tried waxing my legs for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that I’m never going back to shaving! I had an appointment for leg waxing in Huntington Beach. Your legs will be smooth and red carpet ready in no time! You won’t be able to stop flaunting them!

I Felt Like a Celeb at This Day Spa in Huntington Beach


I am always pretty envious of how put-together celebrities always look. I know that they obviously don’t ALWAYS look like that, but it sure seems like more times than not, the hair is perfect, nails are perfectly manicured, make-up is flawless and skin is glowing. I know that this takes a lot of time and effort, but sometimes I would like to get out of the door with matching socks and make-up that’s not smeared.

I may not look like the celebs, but after the day I had at this spa in Huntington Beach called CloudMover, I now FEEL like one! After receiving a gift certificate here for my birthday, I made an appointment and had a spray tan, facial and a massage. I felt like a million bucks after and could definitely get used to the compliments I got on my glowing skin!

With a little help with clothes shopping, my wardrobe is the next thing on my list to tackle (although I don’t QUITE have the celeb budget to work with!!!!)

Celeb-Worthy Massages in Huntington Beach



It’s no secret that celebrities get spoiled. I wouldn’t mind getting that treatment. How amazing would it be to have unlimited services at the snap of my fingers!? I would LOVE that. Since I can’t do that, I’m glad that I CAN go to a day spa with a menu of services that goes on and on.

CloudMover is the place to go for massages in Huntington Beach. They have a ton of massage choices including: a swedish/relaxation massage, a deep tissue massage, and specialized massage techniques like reflexology, pre & post natal, shiatsu, sports, liposage/cellulite, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and hot stone.

I love going here and seriously get celeb-style treatment. I feel like I am taking a mini-vacation when I get to spend an hour or two at CloudMover! It’s the best!

Sexiest Man on T.V.

Who would of ever guessed that this guy (above) would grow up to be the sexiest man on T.V.? Patrick stared in this teen flick called the “Loverboy.”  Demsey plays a pizza delivery boy who delivers more than just food to hungry Beverly Hills Housewives! A little knock off of Richard Gere’s “American Gigolo” but teen-style. Instead of “Gigolo’s” high drama, murder & suspense we get lots of laughs, romance & a good helping of slapstick humor! If you are a Demspey fan from way back & missed this comic romp at the cinemas back in 1989, the good news is you can now catch it on DVD, but before you watch it, order a pizza & don’t forget to ask for extra anchovies!

(Patrick Demsey sexiest Man on T.V. May 2008)