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Celeb-Worth Designer Baby Bedding

Naartjie-Moonrise Floral Collection BeddingWith all of the celebrities that are expecting, it seems as if all of Hollywood is buzzing about relationships and babies. It’s an exciting time for many as they prepare to welcome their first (or maybe second, third, or fourth!) baby into the world.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the first things you do is decorate the nursery, right? There are so many options for decorating that it seems endless! I would choose the bedding and decorate the room around that. I personally love this designer baby bedding (it’s very chic and celeb-worthy). What do you think?

What type of Jewelry do you perfer ?

One thing I noticed celebritites wearing was monogrammed jewelry. I guess if you can wear any piece of jewelry why not wear something with your initals on it right. I have seen Paris Hilton wearing the letter” P” engraved in diamonds. I have also seen many reality t.v stars  such as Lauren Conrad sporting a simple monogrammed necklace with her initials.

I love the monogrammed Jewelry and I see that celebrities do too. It makes me want to buy it even more when I see the celebrities I like wearing the same type of Jewelry I like to wear.  Do you like to wear Monogrammed Jewelry ? What type of Jewelry do you perfer?