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David Arquette Dishes on His Divorce

blog-coxarquetteWell, it seems like right now in Hollywood is the season for relationship troubles. This is unfortunate, but I feel like everything I’m hearing or seeing has to do with divorce, break ups, and the like.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette were perhaps my favorite Hollywood couple. My favorite show in the entire world is Friends and I’ve been a Courtney Cox fan since season one back in the nineties.

The two have been apart for quite some time, and are both engaged to new people. David dishes that they two make awesome friends and they have a great relationship for their daughter.

How I Met Your Mother Final Episodes Are Near!


Can you believe that How I Met Your Mother is ending soon? I’m not ready to say goodbye to Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin and Barney yet because I love these characters and I love their shenanigans! This show is my second favorite next to Friends and I look forward to Monday nights when I can watch it. There are only a few episodes left and the one hour season finale is set to air on March 31.

Now that we have “met” Ted’s future wife and the children’s mother, I love being able to get a look into their relationship. Eventually we will find out why the story started out when it started.

Who else is sad to see this show wrap up? Between this show and The Bachelor, Monday nights are the best in television!

Billy Mays Gone

Billy Mays

In my last post, I mentioned that I hoped that bad things didn’ t happen in threes.  It seems in the celebrity world, it does.

Billy Mays was found dead yesterday morning in his bed.  He passed away sometime through the night.  Speculation initially was that perhaps he passed from being hit during a rough landing of his flight but autopsy has a tentative cause of death as hypertensive heart disease.  A final cause of death will be issued once all tests come back.