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Celeb-Worth Designer Baby Bedding

Naartjie-Moonrise Floral Collection BeddingWith all of the celebrities that are expecting, it seems as if all of Hollywood is buzzing about relationships and babies. It’s an exciting time for many as they prepare to welcome their first (or maybe second, third, or fourth!) baby into the world.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the first things you do is decorate the nursery, right? There are so many options for decorating that it seems endless! I would choose the bedding and decorate the room around that. I personally love this designer baby bedding (it’s very chic and celeb-worthy). What do you think?

We got to see her engagement ring

Katy perry has given the world a glimpse of her engagement ring that  Russell Brand gave her when he proposed to her. I personally think its cute but I have seen some  engagement rings orange county has that have more of a wow effect. Not everyone is like me or has my tastes and I am sure that she loves her ring  I guess I was just expecting more. 

Hollywood celebrities have all kinds of options but since Russell isnt really from Hollywood maybe he didnt buy the ring out here. What do you think of the engagement ring ?