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Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

blog-christmasChristina Aguilera will always be one of my favorite pop stars (Sorry, Britney Spears!). I was super happy when I found out that she and her fiance, Matthew Rutler, were expecting a baby together.

Well, the day has finally arrived and Christina gave birth just yesterday to a baby girl. This is Christina’s second child (she had her first, 6-year old boy Max Bratman, with ex-husband Jordan Bratman).

Christina and Matthew are super excited to welcome their baby girl into the world. They had a blast getting ready for the arrival of the baby, and Max was very excited to be a big brother.


We got to see her engagement ring

Katy perry has given the world a glimpse of her engagement ring that  Russell Brand gave her when he proposed to her. I personally think its cute but I have seen some  engagement rings orange county has that have more of a wow effect. Not everyone is like me or has my tastes and I am sure that she loves her ring  I guess I was just expecting more. 

Hollywood celebrities have all kinds of options but since Russell isnt really from Hollywood maybe he didnt buy the ring out here. What do you think of the engagement ring ?

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are engaged

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have gotten engaged his rep confirmed on Wednesday. Rumors were going around the holidays  that the two were engaged but now it has been confirmed. The couple has been dating since last autumn and have been vacationing in Thailand and in India.

Russell hinted that he would like to be a family man  with katy according to People. I can imagine what her bridal shower would be like. Katy is so spunky that I am sure her party would be awesome and I couldnt imagine what fun and crazy bridal shower games  she would  have at her bridal shower. I am sure Russell would have an equally awesome Bachelor party too. I cant wait to hear more about these two.