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Celeb-Worth Designer Baby Bedding

Naartjie-Moonrise Floral Collection BeddingWith all of the celebrities that are expecting, it seems as if all of Hollywood is buzzing about relationships and babies. It’s an exciting time for many as they prepare to welcome their first (or maybe second, third, or fourth!) baby into the world.

When you’re anticipating the arrival of a child, one of the first things you do is decorate the nursery, right? There are so many options for decorating that it seems endless! I would choose the bedding and decorate the room around that. I personally love this designer baby bedding (it’s very chic and celeb-worthy). What do you think?

Keyshia Cole is Engaged

After months and months of leaving her fans wondering wether she was pregnant or not and wether she was engaaged or not keyshia Cole is finally letting everyone know that yes she is engaged and yes she is having a baby by her Fiance NBA Player Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

All I am wondering is where did he get her engagment ring at ? I know alot of good places that have beautiful engagement rings. If he was looking for nice engagement rings orange county has some of the best. Both are well off so I am sure money was or is no object when it comes to their engagement rings and wedding rings.

I am also wondering if  they plan to have the wedding before the baby comes because she is due in the spring. I wish both of them the best.